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island of Lombok

paket wisata lombok The island is very famous for its pearl chilli and chilli natural beauty on the property is also very famous for its culinary specialties very tasty chili. In this series of articles we will membahan all matters relating to the culinary chili and location of the location where to eat on the island of Lombok. ~ Fish Chop Corpio - tour lombok One more restaurant which serves delicious food in West Lombok name Lesehan Corpio II. This is a branch Lesbian Lesbian Corpio Aikmel chili east, although this lesehan recently opened but popularity Lesbian cuisine corpio II has become a byword culinary connoisseur. It was all because the taste of the food menu is pretty much variations and also because this lesehan beautiful. The menus are on offer lesehan corpio II is quite varied and distinctive cuisine is chili, there are tilapia fried, grilled carp, pomfret pelecing, honey grilled catfish, chicken fried grilled typical corpio II .. paket wisata lombok More typical is chopped fish, chopped fish is the same with the fish but the yellow spice used typical chili seasoning can use the material in which the fish tilapia, carp, and fish patin..Lesehan is located on highway Ahmad Yani Dasan Tereng offer price alone setandar .. How? ~ Shop Mr. Beard - paket tour lombok Towards Sengigi Coast region of West Lombok you can find a special shop called pack beard, is bustling shops in talking about people because it masakanya tasty, although the type of menu is nothing special but a concoction marinade made meals are served in the tavern became a special pack beard. Menus are served by shops beard pack is in the highway senggigi melese stone kcamatan west lombo screen include: eggplant peyet, penyet tempe, fried chicken, fresh vegetables, and a typical menu of chili laiinnya .. The price is very affordable range -25 000 15 000 course, location is also very cool shop and located on the coast, if you want to taste the cuisine beard pack your shop can come in the store, which is open every day between 10:00 pm to 04:00 pm .. ~ Corn - mutiara lombok If the West Java has a bustling merchant peak fuel corn, capsicum Westerners too has almost the same area, the difference between the peak region of western Java utilizing views of the mountains and tea gardens, while chilli rely western mountains and beautiful beach views. Yes sheraton hotel on west Lombok Senggigi there is an interesting area for relaxing, as it is located on a plateau when he is in this area it will look beautiful views of Senggigi beach. harga mutiara That is why the region is on the edge of the highway sengigi increasingly attractive because tourists can see the beautiful scenery of the coast sengigi on while enjoying the sweet corn. This roasted corn can be made according to taste sweet or spicy depending on the reservation, and with the price of 5,000 rupiah per fruit, roasted corn merchant is polynomial on the edge of the road senggigi.Jangan worry about the seat as has been provided a simple bench can The use of visitors .. paket wisata lombokif you come on holiday to Lombok, take your time because it was a lot of disni so many tourist attractions of the coast of the island mauoun culinary trademark, and do not forget to also buy souvenirs yaa to take home as a memento of addresses in Lombok ... congratulations on vacation :) lombok tour

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