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paket wisata lombok Many have underestimated the kale because we rarely find a delicious dish using these types of vegetables. That opinion may soon change if you feel plecing Kale, typical dishes Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara are usually served with chicken Taliwang. tour lombok Plecing Kale consists of boiled spinach and served cold and fresh tomato sauce plus. Rajikan tomato sauce made from cayenne pepper, salt, shrimp paste, and tomato. Plecing Watercress is usually served with extra vegetables like bean sprouts, beans, fried peanuts or ointment. paket wisata lombok Kale plecing used for cooking is also very typical. Unlike regular kale plants grown in Java, Lombok kale kale in the form of water that is usually planted in the river that flows with a certain method to produce kale with a big trunk and crisp. Kale in this area is very well known, so it does not feel soft texture tough even though we eat to the trunk. No wonder the kale Lombok into alternative souvenirs West Nusa Tenggara. lombok tour

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